Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How strong players are turned into kangkungs.

Actually if you think about it, it is not the players fault. With maybe the exception of Jimmy. (Peter doesn't count as a player).

Li Tian is so talented that without any interference he would have made it on his own. Why did they send him out before he was ready? He needed to work out how to win in Malaysia first. How to win in national level selection. And that was the real job of his trainers. But look at him now when you next see him. Does he still look like a winner or does he look like he won't last the race? So who's fault was that?

Is what they did to Li Tian a step towards a GM or a step towards creating kangkung players like Jimmy? We need to see this clearly.

What about Yit San, Zhuo Ren and Sumant? They are all strong chess players. But now maybe were strong chess players. What did they do to them when they were taught how to lie and slander in order to help their fixers get them a spot in the squad? Remember most of the pressure to do this happened when they were still kids. So what chance did they have? Today they are all adults and so the next generation is born that will become our Jimmy's of the future.

Back door players who practice sabotage instead of chess.

The funny thing is that it is all happening right in front of us. They don't even bother to hide. They are so confident that nobody can withstand the onslaught of the dynamic trio, Jimmy, Peter and Eddy. They are all beyond any form of censure because they are protected by the powers that be.

And so this is Malaysian chess. And we want our own GM. But we don't have the courage to point out the mistakes for fear that they will attack our children too. And then we hope they can play strong chess. Boggles the mind yes?

Do you really think deep down inside that what they did to Li Tian, Zhuo Ren, Sumant and Yit San is the correct way? In the meantime what has happened to all the other strong players who just wanted to play and learn from chess?

Please think about this.

What is so wrong with healthy competition and clean selection as the steps towards our GM that have them foaming in the mouth every time I mention it? Ref: Here.

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