Friday, January 10, 2014

My thoughts on the picket.

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I was heavily involved with the last AGM and attended meetings all over the place although I did not take sides or ask for office but tried to explain on the issues that I believed was responsible for our rut. Maybe in the end that pissed off both camps and also why MCF is still the same today even after the AGM since nobody wanted to seriously consider or understand the issues. All they wanted was to use the reach of this blog and my personal relationships to swing votes for them.

This is what I thought at that time and it is still my believe today. For a proper change we need to understand what the issues are that is stopping Malaysian chess from progressing or we will just be replacing names and nothing else will change.

So really, what are we struggling to change? Calling for an EGM will take up a lot of people's time and energy. What is the point unless there is something better to offer? Picketing just from anger and frustration is insufficient.

I have been suggesting that we focus on healthy competition and clean and fair selection. That is something concrete, at least in my mind. So is that what we are going to get if the EGM is to come about?

I will add here that the Associations must also be disallowed from "banning" players without grounds as well as sacking officials without grounds and due process. That is also something concrete.

Why do I propose those issues as well? That is simply because those are also the ways that allow for the back doors. To either allow entry of crony players or to stop other strong players from getting the exposure they need to develop. And of course it also allows for the simple removal, without the need to justify, of officials in the Associations that are in the way of the back doors and other funny practices.

So while I am not opposed to a peaceful assembly to properly articulate genuine concerns, although it is not quite my style, I hope the organisers of the picket will at least consider the points I have raised.

Let's not have an EGM just for EGM's sake. Lets really try to make a difference this time. Already I am seeing that some of the people who have signed on for the picket are the same people who practice all the things that have stopped our progress. There is a danger that they will just use this as an opportunity to get back into MCF again.

So the issues need to be clear before new energy is poured into getting an EGM. And we also need to see the team that will deliver on the promises before the EGM yes? 

If we cry wolf too many times nobody will listen when finally real change can be had. All the good people will be just too tired to move or fedup from the lack of clear leadership.

Thank you for your consideration.

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