Tuesday, January 21, 2014

You don't become a bully if you can build up your confidence from chess.

You don't need to call yourself Asia's best player, a Ferrari, Malaysia's strongest player etc if you are confident of yourself. We have eyes to see.

You don't need to attack the Juniors to keep your place on the senior squad if you are confident of your chess.

You don't need to find ways and means to ban players stronger than the ones you can develop if you are confident of your abilities as a trainer, as a coach.

You don't need to teach the children how to cheat, lie and slander if you are confident of their abilities. And yours too of course.

Etc.etc. etc.

Think on this. When we say we want development what does it mean? Can development be brought about by keeping others below you by bullying, by cheating?

Or is development really this? We develop when we raise our game. We develop when we can cross the next hurdle by courage, discipline. By thinking, by reasoning out where the mistakes were. By improving.

Understanding this is really really really important since we keep asking for development, we keep asking for medals, we keep asking for our own GM.

Those things cannot come by keeping others down. Development does not come that way. Development can only come when we are able to raise our own game.

And that is why chess is the most amazing game to learn all of this. If we miss something, we won't progress. The game of chess can show us what we missed if we are able to analyse correctly. Read this again. Here.

If you do it right, it will build your confidence. There are no short cuts. If you do it right you do not need to bully children anymore. You do not need to risk going to jail because you do not know how to cari makan otherwise. Just improve yourself and your confidence will improve too.

Got it yet, Greg, Jimmy, Peter and Eddy?

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