Sunday, January 19, 2014

Competitor analysis starts with finding out your chess personality.

A chess player from Johor asked me how Mark trains by himself. I told him that I design his training programs based on our competitor analysis. We determine the strategy, measure the gaps and then we structure the training to close that gap. Chess is an individual sport and each training program needs to be tailored individually to get to the next level.

And it all starts with this. Here. My investigation started from my observations during Mal/Sing 2010/11. I developed it a little more during the training for the SEA games selection 2011 which Sumant and Zhuo Ren attended. And I believe that there was a qualitative jump in understanding after our chess camp in November last year. Here.

Of course like Ilham says, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Ref: Here. And that is what we hope to do at National Close this year. I am curious to see if my evaluation is correct or not. So I am keen to meet the kangkung players. I just hope that Greg in his infinite wisdom for protecting his back door deals will not find a way to spirit all his kangkung players down a side door and then they end up at the Olympiads this year. Just like they did in the last Olympiads.

Wouldn't you like to know how the kangkung players fare against the non kangkungs in an actual selection contest before they are sent to the Olympiads?

I would. I would like to see all the kangkung players at the National Close to decide this debate between me and IM(k) Jimmy, FM(k) Peter and Eddy.

Ref: Here.

Then maybe finally we can all have some peace and just go on developing our chess without them attacking us when we train for a selection, when we ask for our place based on our results and not side deals and back door negotiations.

Now wouldn't that be a great day for Malaysian chess? When it becomes all about chess and not about talking and making a deal with Greg.

Would you like to see that day too? If yes, then the selection criteria for National Close is important.

So start out with understanding what is your chess personality. When you are in a position to start to compete for a place on the squad, then the next step is competitor analysis to determine specific training.

Good luck in your chess.

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