Friday, January 3, 2014

This is the way to make our chess strong.

Ref: Here.

We keep learning and we keep trying. We keep fighting to improve ourselves. A few years ago I suggested to MCF that they do some competitor analysis by comparing what we know to what our neighbours know when they travel. Look at their training structure and training methods. Look at their organisational structure compared to ours.

Then we try to improve. A little better. Step by step.

This is not the way. Ref: Here.

And this is also not the way. Here.

They chose to bury their heads in the sand while our neighbours got better and better. That means they don't even have the confidence to take a measure. And then they take offence because FGM and some players do that and try to improve. And all they can do is fix the back doors.

I have travelled to Singapore to see how they train. I went to the Philippines to see how they train. Although my studies are not complete at least I can already see some ways to improve.

What is so offensive about that until they can sack me without grounds instead of allowing me to resign gracefully? And then attack both me and my son publicly by spreading lies and slander?

What is so offensive about healthy competition?

But of course they know this. If we take the measures, if we train hard and improve then we will want the right to compete for a place. We will not negotiate for a place and we will not pre-agree any results. And that may mean that they cannot allow their cronies free entry into the squad anymore. There may be an upset. Then they cannot cari makan and Malaysia may finally have a Team that can fight instead of embarrassing us overseas.

This is now 2014 MCF. It is now 5 years since I have spoken to you about this. Since 2009 right Greg? What have you learnt in that time? I hear you have now passed on Li Ting to Peter to coach. I think it's a big mistake but you are a big boy. And she is your student. So that is your prerogative.

But surely we can have clean selection by now don't you think? I hear you are going around saying that I don't play chess and so I don't know what I am talking about. That is fine. But you do right? So surely you must be able to see from here that the active list is flawed. Ref: Here. What is Eddy Fong's playing strength and what is his rating? What is Jimmy's playing strength? What does this say about the active list?

Don't wait another 5 years Greg. Do it for Malaysia now. Do you still remember what we talked about in 2009? In 2010 during and after Mal/Sing? I have gone on and done those things Greg. What have you done to improve things during this time?

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