Thursday, January 2, 2014

Don't play play with playing for Malaysia.

Playing for the Country or even playing for the State is the highest honor we can bestow to a real chess player. And a real chess player wins that honor by training and fighting hard for his place. It is that simple.

But in Malaysia it is not they who are honored. It is people like Jimmy, Peter and Eddy ("Player", Official and Parent). At least by MCF if no one else. They tell us that they "play chess" and so only they can speak with authority. They forget that many chess players in Malaysia and Internationally are developed by non chess playing parents. And that is a fact.

And so they shut out all other voices with that statement by being so vicious that very few dare to stand up to them and so they get their way.

So today lets have a good look at who these people are that dare not fight in a selection but want the back doors to see if we should listen to them instead of real chess players or those that have developed real chess players. Both counts right? By virtue of real achievement.

Lets start with Eddy Fong who claims that he taught Mark. This is his result from Penang Open Here.

Look at his rating. It is "active". He walked out when he realised that people can see that he really can't play chess at all. Real chess players would have stuck it out knowing that by walking out they would be unfair to their opponents who are still fighting because it affects their tie breaks. I think they deserve more respect than Eddy Fong, don't u think? At least they fought in the tournament. At least they didn't give up.

Now lets talk about Jimmy. Jimmy represented Malaysia in the last Olympiad without selection. And he was hammered there by 1900's. This was his result for the Asian Continental. Here. Even 2000 rated players were doing much better than him and he nearly came out dead last. And he got into the Malaysian Masters on the strength of the active list after that result. And he lost to all the Juniors there. So that result is not a fluke. He was dead last at the Masters. MCF knows this and they know his rating is not representative of his playing ability. And yet MCF chose to open up the side doors for him and not for a real player like Nicholas Chan. And even with that kind of edge Jimmy failed to make the squad. Then he tried negotiations.

This is the man who has been shouting down anyone who points out that the active list is flawed by claiming that he is a Ferrari, Asia's best player etc etc. He only tells us that his high rating is valid because he knows how to get it even if he cannot play strong chess.

And Peter doesn't even have the guts to play in a Fide classical event. So there is not much to say about him. And he hasn't even developed a strong player himself. All he does is talk down about other people's work hoping that would create the illusion that he knows something. Or else he promotes the work of others hoping that you think he actually played a part.

So what right do these people have to judge real players and the people that developed them. Real players who study chess, learn from chess, train hard and then COMPETE.

So those guys are not real chess players. And so even if we go by their maxim that only chess players can talk about chess, they fail even by their own yardstick. If you cannot compete then keep quiet, if you cannot develop strong players yourself then don't comment about the players of others.

And don't you guys dare play play with representing Malaysia. You have no right. Chess does not belong to you guys.

Chess belongs to the real chess players and the people who have developed them. That right must be earned, must be won. And you only know the back doors.

By not having a clean selection criteria, MCF, you are betraying our Country. You are betraying all real chess players in this Country.

We need to hold the people in MCF who have been responsible for the decline of Malaysian chess accountable. We need to hold the parents and so called players who have manipulated the criteria for their benefit responsible and accountable.

We need to change our culture so that we only respect players who train hard and then dare to put themselves in tough competition to win honors. Not condone corrupt officials, thieves and gangsters. That is the only way to progress.

And this applies to the States too of course.

Ps: Jimmy and Peter. Who are you guys to talk about which tournaments warrant being called as playing for the Country? Those Juniors got that right by fighting in real tournaments. You only have the back doors so I would shut up if I was you. Ref: Here.

Jimmy, why don't you play in more open chess tournaments like what our Juniors do and reveal your real rating. Peter why don't you play in a classical tournament to show us what you really know about chess. Eddy, don't bother playing. We already know your level so please don't embarrass us or yourself anymore.

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