Saturday, January 4, 2014

The selection criteria is only for wayang kulit.

What is the point of a selection criteria if you are punished because you train to fight for a place in healthy competition?

We experienced that in Perak. Mark represented Perak for 5 straight years and for 5 straight years they tried all sorts of hanky panky to knock him out. Even to the extent of sending only him back to change his jeans in the middle of his game when others with jeans were allowed to play on.

Both Zhou Ren and Sumant were attacked because they had the audacity to train to try and win the SEA games selection in 2011.

When Li Tian did not win the National Close in 2012, they changed the criteria and brought him in via the back door. Not only him but Zhou Ren as well. Nobody who played and ranked in National Close which was the selection criteria for Olympiads were sent.

And now you see that even at the Masters they can mysteriously miss your name, like what they did to Nicholas.

So is it safe to conclude that if you try to win at selection they will set Jimmy, Peter and Eddy on you?

The selection criteria is only for show. And don't you dare try to compete or raise noise about unfairness or they will punish you.

If you stay silent or be supportive then they will offer you a consolation prize like in Mal/Sing this year. They gave Eng Chiam a spot for keeping quiet about missing the Olympiad. They gave Sumant a spot for attacking me publicly. Simply because they know that they have washed those players out already.

(Not sure if Syazwan was offered a place at Mal/Sing this year. He was also a ranked winner at National Close 2012).

Of course the cronies are given automatic spots. So Jimmy and Li Tian played too. But notice this. Both of them did not win in a selection or in the rankings. And Jimmy even lost to Giam, a 1900 IM from Singapore.

This is the lesson. The deal makers play for the Country. Not those who try to win selection. This happens in States like Perak too. If you keep quiet and not protest even though you are entitled to play then they will throw you some crumbs.

Isn't that how the strong players are killed off and the weaklings and deal makers get in?

If you go back to Jimmy's link you will see one of the last anonymous comment that hits the nail on the head. Ref: Here. Don't you dare protest or your child will be punished.

So lets think about this clearly here. Treat this as a chess position. The question here is why should asking for healthy competition ie we train to fight for a place in selection or asking for clean criteria in selection be so threatening to Jimmy, Peter and Eddy?

Second question. What method are they using to throw you off the scent?

After all, I have never asked for them to be banned while they kept screaming for Mark to be banned. And Peter actually "banned" him. All I have said is we will compete at selection by playing chess. We will not pre-agree results. We would like a fair selection criteria that cannot be manipulated. 

So what is so so wrong about that? We want a strong Malaysian Team do we not?

(In fact I keep asking them to tell us which tournaments they will be in and we will also go there to compete with them. In fact I even told them that if they cannot afford the fee to join, to apply to me and I will consider subsidising them. And I have made that request many times).

Lets get this done for 2014. Lets bring in clean selection at least. And we will see a strong Malaysian team and the coming of our GM. But we must fight for it. They won't give it to us. They rely on misinformation, threats, lies and slander to win.

You must be stronger than that. You must be real chess players. Don't accept the crumbs. It is poisoned. It is designed to rob you of your pride and dignity. You cannot play strong chess without it. Only take your place when you have won fairly on the table. Your place should never be gotten from sabotage instead of chess.

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