Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Thank you for the info on the selection criteria for the Olympiads this year.

Thank you for the info but you do know that I can't use it yes? While I will keep your name confidential as agreed, I needed for you to take my call as I have to substantiate the information before I can put it in print.

I think that besides never condoning the use of blatant lies and slander, we still need to set the bar even higher. We should also be wary of only releasing partial information, unsubstantiated information since this does not lend to good and informed decision making.

I do share your concern, don't get me wrong. If what you say is true then the back door boys have got another good deal going. But I hope you can understand why I cannot use the information.

ps: Besides I also fail to understand why you can put down what you did on text but not talk about it on the phone?

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