Wednesday, January 29, 2014

If you must make speculative statements.

I was following an online debate when one of the commentators made what was deemed a speculative statement.

Note: What that means is that a statement is made without physical evidence. Much of cutting edge science is speculative in nature. That means the ideas are postulated as a hypothesis.

Now, in that debate, another commentator argued that if speculative statements must be made, it must at least be followed by the reasoning behind it.

I think this is very important for chess players to understand. There are many wild theories floating about and many dubious decisions made in Malaysian chess. At the very least it must be followed by the reasoning behind it.


Because we are a mind sport. And a mind sport is supposed to teach you how to think. And so wild theories and dubious decisions not backed by solid reasoning needs to be rejected if mental development is what we are after from our sport.

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