Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The vicious cycle of failure.

Ref: Here.

In the post in the link above, I mentioned that I told the President of PICA that I wanted to resign but he chose to find a reason to sack me. Let me try to explain more on this.

During PICA meetings we were all talking about a Perakian GM. And one of the things I urged my fellow committee members to do was to go out and measure ourselves against the States that were doing better than us. We need a measure otherwise we risk being trapped in self delusion. But nobody else saw the importance of that.

So even though we were all talking about the same thing, I knew I had to do it alone. I wanted the measures, to see the gaps and to find the mindset and the methods to narrow those gaps. And they wanted something else. So I decided to set up my own chess academy. But they wanted the academy under PICA. And I thought Perak was big enough for two academies.

Funnily the officer who spoke to me during Perak Close was still saying much the same thing about a Perak GM and he wanted Mark under him. But this is many years after 2009. And we have moved much further on since without any help from the State. And he is still saying the same thing we talked about then and without an academy.

Lost in a time warp perhaps?

I wanted my players to learn the powerful lessons that chess can teach us. Here. But what do they want? Now if we can see this I think we will see much clearer the vicious cycle of failure.

I believe they want the short cuts. Short cuts would be categorised by fixing tournaments in it's myriad ways. In Perak Close a new one was found by the father calling on the handphone while his son and daughter are playing to give the daughter a win and a point to get into the Perak team. This happened on the second last round. So this is bad for the player's development and bad for Perak. And it was Eddy who made the call. Do you think that was done accidentally?

From my observations I see that certain officials will close a blind eye to the various forms of fixing. Why would that be? How can it be good for the official or for the State he represents? This question was posed to me in Penang Open. My believe is that it gives the officers a sense of power that they do not have in the outside world and this becomes a sort of drug that they cannot do without. A false sense of self esteem from the parent's grovelling so they look the other way and still sponsor the child. Those officials are "big men" only because they can provide the back doors. They have nothing else to offer.

So they have chosen their way and I have chosen mine. So the question remaining is why the need to sack me or attack my academy and my players by the spread of vicious slander? Why did they attack a program from a GM to train our national players?

I think the reason is because they already know deep down inside that their method doesn't work. It has been used since the inception of MCF and the affiliates and all it has produced is weak players. And they are deathly afraid that my method of doing competitor analysis, measuring the gaps and then doing the hard work of training and fighting in selection may actually work.

And so I believe that is why they felt they needed to sack me and then try to throw slur on my reputation. Otherwise it doesn't make any sense. And they won't do that only to me. They will do that to anyone that really wants to learn the lessons of chess and dare to compete. And so the vicious cycle of failure is formed. They now have the ascendancy because they are in control of MCF. Or maybe not.

I think you can see from this link how desperate the situation can become. Here. How they can spin asking for proper selection and healthy competition into that. They will lie and behave in the most despicable way to keep their drugs. Jimmy will do whatever he can to stay on the Malaysian Team and Eddy will do whatever he can to keep his child ahead of the game. Even to the point of lying. Even to the point of teaching his children to lie and slander. Compare this type of behaviour to those of drug addicts and I think we will see many similarities. Is that not the harsh reality?

Think about this and then think about the MCF AGM. If we want to stop the rot then we cannot just have an AGM without identifying the real issues that keep us backwards. You see what they will do to keep their priviledges, you see how vicious they can get. My question to you is if you think chess is worth the fight for the sake of our future generations. My belief is that chess can build the type of towering Malaysians our whole Country is clamoring for if used correctly. It is too important to allow people like Jimmy and Eddy and those few others to take away from us.

What do you think? What is your stand on this issue? It is tough yes? They know this. They know you don't want that type of ugly confrontation. And they count on that to keep their back doors open.

HAPPY NEW YEAR. May 2014 be the year of change for you by first changing yourself. Stand up to the gangsters. You have too much to lose.


  1. To get a balanced info, earlier this year I managed to meet the other side - the ex-President of PICA.

    Anyway, Happy New Year to you and everyone at FGM. Though I may not agree to your provocations to others (but hey, it's a free country!) , I hope something positive will come out from your gargantuan efforts.

    Best of Luck & All the Best in 2014 and the future as well!

  2. Happy New Year abdooss. I hope that one day you will see that it is they that have been abusing and provoking others for years and years now. Maybe what you and they may not be used to is meeting people that can push back and not take their abuses lying down. And I hope 2014 will be the year where we will finally have fair selection and rules of conduct for the officials. That is what Malaysian chess needs to get out of the rut we are in now.

  3. You missed my point ; let's not think of anyone who does not join in your fight as being one with the other side. After all, Bushism of "either you are with me or against me" is long dead. Of course, even if you prefer revolutionary ways, it is not fair to label those supporting peaceful change as being 'bought out'.
    As our favourite blogger, Datin Seri Marina Mahathir said today ; "If you want people to like you, just be nice to them. And being nice doesn’t include finding bogeymen under every rock and being nasty to them."
    I used to support you 100%, but after seeing you being nasty to EVERYONE (including me), that support is not full anymore. Let's hope in 2014, FirstGM is led in a progressive manner, stop wasting your time in fights and focusing on the objective - to find Malaysia's First GM. That is, if you have not lost the plot yet.

  4. Maybe the point I am trying to make is that Malaysian chess must first understand where the problem is coming from before we can even to decide we want change. I know it is not obvious and I think part of the problem comes from the understanding of fitnah. But this is how I see it as I have explained many times. Fitnah is when we use hearsay. What I am doing is being a witness. All the things I talk about is because I am witness to the act. And the other method I use is that I reply to their posts. And that is called fair comment. Another way of looking at this is right of reply. I have explained all these to you but you are unable to grasp the concepts. Why don't you try?

  5. And furthermore if I may add, you seem to be totally blind to the fact that the attacks have been coming one way as though your friend Jimmy has that sole right. And I am totally wrong in defending myself. So I am sorry to say that you seem biased and hence your motives are suspect. How can you possibly condone the things that man has done to kids? Baffles me. So maybe you need to ask yourself that question before you engage me again.