Thursday, May 31, 2012

NM Roshan- A FGM commentary.

Actually what have we all learnt from Roshan?

I hope his amazing run will add to the already strong body of evidence that ratings are not an accurate measure to predict results especially here in Malaysia. There are still too many distortions in our system.

I also hope that this has added more credibility to FGM's method of evaluation. I believe that I have shown that the weaponry does count.

Am I trying to put anyone down after the fact? I don't think so. I think you will find that I argued that Li Tian would have problems before the fact.

So what is my point? I think that if you go right back to the very beginning of this blog, the message has been consistent. We need a strong pool of talent for us to move to the next level. And we need more tough internal competition and correct training. So we cannot afford to knock out our own players using non chess criteria.

If we look carefully, we will see that a number of our older Juniors have been convinced that the big numbers are true. They have been "convinced" that the "Jimmy method" has validity. Of course his arguments is combined with intimidation and lies.

And when he vouched for Li Tian, a number believed him. And so they have been knocked out of the race by a Jedi mind trick and not by chess.

All of our older Juniors can make a come back. We need all their talent to develop our first GM. They just need to revisit and correct some previous wrong assumptions and raise their game. Li Tian can come back from this. He is still young. But his trainer needs to wake up to the new world instead of being stuck in 1986.

Nobody can play God and predict which Junior will come out on top. Just give them a chance to fight it out in healthy competition and not interfere. Roshan has proven he has the right tools for this level. But this is just the beginning. There are more levels to go.

We now know that Jimmy is not quite here anymore and needs to wake up. But what is still puzzling me is that Peter Long agreed with Jimmy to push for Li Tian as the strongest Junior before the fact. I know that at the time of Asian Youth last year, Roshan was with Peter.

So how come Peter didn't even know the strength of his own student? Why back another horse when you have a Champion in your own stable?

So I submit that their judgement; both Jimmy and Peter's are fundamentally flawed. So let none of us play God. Lets just have good healthy competition to show which method is more correct. On the table we will find the answers.

I hope this will also mean that more Juniors will come back. A little more tweaking and all will have a shot. Don't fall for all that rubbish they are spouting.

Look at competitor analysis and look at mental strength. That is the way forward. In chess the only accurate measure is on the table in healthy and clean competition. That is a big part of the beauty of the game. If you get it right, you win. If you believe in yourself and develop your judgement, you increase your chances.

Don't let them set that glass ceiling ever again for you. Don't let these small minded people define you. The final result rests with you and who you are.

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