Monday, May 28, 2012

A death blow to private organisers?

The massive influx of older players returning were I believe, a direct result of selection. For the first time it was no longer private reserve. Keep improving your chess and anyone has a shot at the senior team. And this was good for the private organisers too. Classical and other tournaments flourished.

What is going to happen to private organisers now if you are not tied to the apron strings of MCF. And what will happen to those that want to be independent and sever that apron string?

After 18, the chances reduce drastically from the already slim chance of making the National Junior squad. At below 20 there is only one place available for national representation as official player. After 20, it now looks like no point in improving. Almost zero chance.

Somebody at facebook said "NATO" to me. No Action, Talk Only. To which I replied, "DONT". Do Only No Think.

Is this only the beginning of the reverse of our fortunes? Here.

So who is thinking through our chess policies? Any guesses? At one point it seemed like it was Peter Long. Now I think it may be more like the reality show, "My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss" 

Looks like its back to the age group tournaments again for numbers. And for that we can thank MSSM. What is the incentive now for the older players to improve? Will the trend for NC2012 continue?

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