Saturday, May 26, 2012


In a few hours time, at the players meeting of NC2012, we should hear an announcement that will tell us whether Malaysia will go forward or we will continue to be beached whales on the shores.

The fact is none of our IM's can even make one GM run. They are trained wrong and we are using the wrong strategy. We cannot take competition out of chess and still hope to do well.

A player once told Mark sometime back that there was an IM with very high rating, among the top 100 at one point but could not make the GM norms. I tried to verify this just now but was not succesful. But lets assume there is truth in this for now as we are a little short of time.

If that is true, then he will probably have been using the MCF (Jimmy) method. Play select tournaments, increase the rating. A GM run is about mental strength and sharp weapons (which also takes mental strength to wield).

So we too can land at Normandy, but will we have the resolve to push forward? Will we have the right weapons?

30plus years have shown us that we do not have the right strategy, mindset or weaponry to move into the hinterland.

Btw, first on board one in a team event once does not justify the accolade of best player in Asia. There is team strategy. There is the possibility that the other Asian Nations have moved their best players to other boards for example. Ref: Here.

Having good selection criteria is but the first step. It's a long journey and we need to move in the right direction. So I hope we will hear good news in a few hours time on D-day. I hope that we will not leave our players on the beach to be hammered yet again.

But its up to you at the players meeting tonight to question if they do try to reverse selection. This is roughly what it should look like. Here.

Forget the Jimmy method. It does not work. In fact that way damages.

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