Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Is it Ek Teong, Leong or Jimmy in Dubai 1986?

Ref: Here

I am confused. Here. If it was not Jimmy who won the best board, then it would show that he has taken credit from someone else by not correcting Ilham's first post. It would also show that this modus operandi has been used for a long time. It's best we get clarification from either Ilham or Jimmy.

ps: It is true Jimmy, I am more focussed on how to bring Malaysian chess forward in today's internet world than the past. I also see that today's generation of players is the result of the inputs of the last generation. Where everyone else is moving forward, there is a glass ceiling being set up here.


  1. Wat credit has he taken? He said Dubai was best Malaysian performance. He did not say it was solely becoz of him.

    But jus to "clarify", since some of these things are pretty easy to verify, in Dubai, Jimmy scored 8/13 on 1st board while Ek Teong scored 6/7 on 4th board. It is arguable who was the better contributor. Jimmy scored more points, but Ek Teong scored better in percentage terms. Jimmy played on 1st board, Ek Teong played on 4th board.

    Still, this doesnt mean that Jimmy took credit for anything. But dont you think to credit Ek Teong for the whole team's performance in Dubai is too much?

  2. P/S: Ilham said that his best performance is not Dubai. I dont think Jimmy has said that Dubai is his best performance. He said it was Malaysia's best performance. Nothing wrong with having an opinion.

  3. I am referring to this "For his effort Jimmy won gold medal as best board one player. ..elsewhere on lower board, IM V. Anand won board 4 gold medal in this event." Cut and pasted from part 1.

  4. And this from part 2.

    "Jimmy is among Asian best by virtue of his rating at that time of elo 24++. Ofcourse this rating is obtained via many tough tourneys

    If to be base from one tournament than jimmy is once THE BEST IN ASIA. At Dubai Asian team, jimmy not only best board one player...he also the best overall player in this tourney...ahead of many gms and young anand too."

  5. The part 2 cut and paste, is from Ilham's comments in the comment box.