Monday, May 7, 2012

Confidence, Humility and learning.

How would we know if someone is truly humble or a wolf in sheeps clothing? Is this a helpful discussion? Would it help you in life, in chess?

Lets think about it this way. Can you be humble if you have no confidence? If you have not achieved anything of substance; if you are suffering from an inferior complex? My answer is no. You can only pretend.

So if you cannot be humble unless you have lived your life's calling with courage then how can we achieve that state of humilty? Can it be that the way is through confidence? That you must be confident first then only can you be humble. That all other ways must be a pretense since you cannot be humble if you are not confident.

Can we also say that you can only be confident if you have conquered your fears? I have also argued that the ego is the mechanism to defend our fears. Here.

So if I am right, then the more fears we have, the bigger will be our ego's and perhaps the less we are able to learn. Think on it. Our ego prevents learning. Can I be right?

See the comments here again. Here. An anonymous person blindly repeats Jimmy's mantra that I practice censorship.

Now haven't I consistently referred you to the blogs to show you their writings? I do not even cut and paste select lines out of context. I send you to the sites itself. Is that censorship?

So they cannot even see the obvious; they cannot face facts or the truth. And I hope I have also showed that they cannot learn.

So is it fair for me to say that the reason we are stuck is because we are listening to and following fear ridden people full of nothing but ego? That they have not learned even from 30 years of repeating the same mistakes.

And so a person that is not confident cannot also be humble. If you project my arguments then the conclusion will be that only the supreme being can be totally humble. Does that make sense? All else is just our life's journey of learning. Or not.

Many will put on the "clothes" of humility but in reality they are wolves in sheep clothing. Learn to see this and it may save you one day.

So there are 2 ways to hide your fears. One is the strut and the belligerence. The other way is the pretense of humility. Both are in reality the same illusion.

True humility cannot be cheaply bought. It can only come through struggle. And without humility you cannot learn.

All my best.

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