Monday, December 16, 2013

We need to return Malaysian chess back to the Maharaja.

Then we will progress. So what do I mean from the title?

First lets look at this post. Here.

Actually many parents think this is a true story. Why do I say that? From the reactions. The vast majority will avoid my eyes when I bring up very obvious injustices. They seem to be saying I don't want to acknowledge this. And hopefully they won't do this to my child. A few parents will eye me with hostility. They seem to be thinking, my child is the beneficiary of the back doors so don't bring this up. A few more would get angry and rant and rave at the injustices. And after that they will go quietly into the night.

Even fewer still will get into MCF to try to change things but come up with knee jerk solutions which ultimately fail and then leave.

So this article is dedicated to the only parent I have spoken to in my many years in chess that actually engaged me with many insightful questions before forming an opinion. She wanted to know how come our chess officials are so short sighted. She wanted to understand the problem. And so for her this is my considered opinion.

Lets go back to the very beginning. It is said that chess was invented by the Maharajas to teach their generals about the art of war. And of course war is only one instrument of State. There are many other considerations that the Maharaja has to consider to develop a Country.

And today the art of war is also the staple of management studies. But the CEO has to bring in many other factors too in his considerations to develop his company within a highly competitive environment. For example, partnering others in order to defeat superior opponents.

Look at this article here.

This is what chess should teach. Was that not the original intention of the Maharajas?

But chess in Malaysia is ruled by the so called technicalists who have very limited ideas about development. So they keep cocking up. And in their desperation to show success they become what I called the failed trainer in the story right at the top. In Malaysia our problem is amplified because none of our trainers in MCF are current. And so we find much more distortions. Like making sure we have a President who has no interest in chess etc etc etc.

Consider this. If they are able to show genuine development will they want all these side shows? Will they need to try to intimidate the parents if they actually have solutions? Will they need the back doors?

We can only begin to find solutions and create proper policies when we understand the problem. But sadly we are still very far from this. We are still at the stage of denial. Only when we can own the problem from understanding can we get out of this rut.

Incidentally the parent who asked me those insightful questions is a foreigner. I was quite amazed at her quick grasp of the situation from the questions she asked.

So this article is dedicated to her. I hope I have given her the big picture from this post. It is easier to fill in the parts once we see the big picture.

In short the technicalists have used their limited understanding of chess to create war among the stakeholders in Malaysia. That is all they know. And without the other stakeholders our chess cannot progress. So we need to return chess back to it's original intention or we will keep stalling and be left behind.

Note: There are no mere technicalists at the head of any successful enterprice. Their views are just too limited. At the very top is the strategist, the "Maharaja", the CEO; The real chess players.

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