Thursday, December 26, 2013

Thot of the day. Why do you learn chess?

Why do you learn chess if you refuse to learn how to reason? That is a bit of a quandary no, since chess is designed to teach you primarily that? Why is it some people in our chess community are so afraid that you may learn this? Here. What are they so afraid of?

Why can't they see that learning is a process? You don't learn how to succeed over night. You don't learn how to win over night. It takes time.

The question is are they stupid or do they hope that you are stupid? If say they want you to be stupid, then what would be their benefit? See comments here. The question here is does he know what training means or has he never heard of the concept? Look here again. The 8 days is a demonstration of the type of training that will improve your chess. Then you need to actually do the training, no? Hmmmm...

Note: Actually what Norlito showed us was the training needed up to the level of an FM and no further. The training program is actually for about one and a half years. We are just trying to get it all done by National Close which is about 6 months time.

How is it that they condone cheating and then they want to make you feel guilty for pointing it out? Hmmmm....

It is true that chess can make you smart. But only if you are not intimidated into not being able to reason.

Why would anyone listen to someone that hides in the dark? So it must be they are stupid no? And if they are stupid then they can't be real chess players can they? Hmmmmm....

And now you can see why our chess cannot progress yes? We have deranged people like that in key places of Malaysian chess. They can't play chess, they don't want to improve and their main job in life is to make sure no one else can improve. They are also the facilitators for the back door boys.

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