Monday, December 23, 2013

Jimmy's "reason" on how MCF blundered for SEA games.


And so the person with no shame talks about shame. This is what I said. Here.

If I may, I would like to highlight a couple of points. The first of course is why he assumes that we have no chance in International chess even before we have gone? I would have taken the lead time to prepare as best we can just to increase our percentage chances. I would have thought, with 2 years lead time, I can do something. And if even with my best, I don't get them this time, I will get them next time or the time after that.

I will keep improving till I beat them and win back medals for my Country. And if I did not believe that was true, I would not have gone out at all and waste our Country's resources and money.

But that's just me. I don't understand chess according to Jimmy. So can I say Jimmy doesn't understand development? Can I say that Jimmy has zero fighting spirit? Is this the example we want to set for Malaysian chess, for our kids? We admit defeat even before the battle. Then why even bother going? We had 2 years of lead time and we squandered it away learning Myammar Chess etc.

The second point is this. Why did he assume that he can play transfer chess just by talking to Greg? Is that the way it worked before? Was that how he got himself and Li Tian to play at the Olympiad before?

Did he not come dead last at the Malaysian Masters although he was given a side door to avoid competition by real chess players? And all he had to do was not come out bottom 2 and he would be in SEA games this year. And even that he could not do.

And this is the hero of Malaysian chess that MCF has been touting for so many years? The same guy that was Peter's hero and mentor? The one that he wished well for the Asian Continental before he almost came in dead last.

Are these the type of players we have allowed in via the back doors for so many many many years? Is it now not obvious why we are in the rut we are in?

And now no shame wants to shame MCF for allowing him and his cronies all those back doors for so many years by stealing the rights of other players. All I can say is that not only does he not have any shame, he also has no gratitude for all the free trips he has gotten in the past when he went defeated even before the tournament has begun and representing our Country.

No, Jimmy, it is you who are the disgrace. It is time you take your defeatist attitude and leave Malaysian chess alone instead of poisoning another generation of our players. You and your cronies as well.

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