Saturday, December 14, 2013

SEA games chess results for Malaysia.

Ref: Here.

Yes, we got a bronze medal. But really there is a question here. That question is what chess event did we get a medal in? I am informed that this medal is won in Myammar chess, a game only played by a couple of Countries. It is not in International chess which is what MCF was formed to promote and develop in Malaysia.

A wild conjecture. Since if other Countries don't play at this event then it cannot be in the SEA games, they will need willing victims to play so that they can grab more golds yes? I mean it won't look right if Myammar was to win all the medals if only Myammar was playing no? So I think it's fair for them to donate a bronze to us for our generosity. Or do you think that's too much of a conspiracy theory?

There is another question of course if we look even deeper. For the players that went to SEA games to play Myammar chess, would they get a certificate of merit of playing for Malaysia? Was there a selection or was this a side deal? Would those players now be able to use those certs for their further education application to Universities? Would their certs say Myammar chess or just chess? Can be misleading no?

And what would happen if the Universities were to find out that our chess certs can be misleading? Ref: Here.

And finally is this fair to the real chess players that MCF was formed to develop?

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