Thursday, December 26, 2013

Preparing for Perak Close this Saturday with games from Mark, Yit San and Yit Ho.


Johor has been kind to put up the games last night for us to prepare. When I asked for the games I said that this must be fair and available to all. So everyone will have a shot at learning competitor analysis. A level playing field so there is no advantage of information to any one side. It's all about learning from chess. What you can see from the games. It is NOT about learning insider training.

We don't have the games for Fadzil so you must look it up yourself but these are the games from National Junior 2013. Good luck at the tournament for those that are going. Prepare well and train hard.

Go here for the games.

Note: Strong players even have comments about their games as they are playing. If you are so scared you even hide your games then very simply you will never play strong chess. We need to also change our culture where games are only given to trainers with the inside tract. That is what I called insider trading. That is also essentially cheating. It is not clever, it merely says you have no confidence in your ability and your training.

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