Monday, December 23, 2013

Reopening the can of worms.

In 2011, after Zhuo Ren attended the SEA games training in my house, he went back and wrote a vicious email attacking me on Jimmy's blog. I later found out that Zhuo Ren did that because he was promised a place on the 2011 SEA games squad if he wrote that email. It seems that Mok told him that he had a deal with Greg to include him even if he did not make the selection.

And Zhuo Ren did not make the selection that year. And he did not go to SEA games that year because of the intense interest generated following that event. But he was given a place the following year to the Olympiads without selection.

I asked for action from MCF at that time for the scurrilous attack on me and FGM on Jimmy's blog but none was forthcoming. And of course it was almost impossible to prove the fixing.

Side note: Zhuo Ren was invited to the training in my house by Sumant. Sumant made the cut to SEA games 2011 by being the first Junior to enter the senior squad on the merit of selection. Zhuo Ren is only in the current squad on the strength of the same biased selection criteria that Jimmy was entitled to this year but did not make bottom 2. Still it's a side deal isn't it?

Today, Jimmy tells us himself that he talks to Greg about side deals to play for Malaysia. Today Jimmy tells us that Mok was "sub contracted" the Myammar deal.

So today we know that those type of deals is possible. So my question is whether those actions to subvert the representation for our Country is something we should still accept for the next 30 years or is MCF going to finally hold those responsible accountable.

Would you not call what Jimmy said a public admission of complicity, of guilt? From the horses mouth as well. What kind of chess makes stupid people like that? Is there not sufficient evidence to take action now?

Does it take a genius to know that these type of players will never bring us medals? They never paid the price of tough selection. They think that MCF belongs to their grandmother and they are entitled to free or easy entry despite lousy chess and coming dead last. And the facilitator of the side deals in MCF is Greg according to Jimmy.

Only the top 3 of the mens team from National Close is deserving to be in the National squad today. The rest are in because of the twisted selection criteria. Otherwise they may not be in at all. And we want medals from those players? Please....

And they have no shame and no gratitude even to the guy who has been giving them the back door deals again and again. So can we expect them to be thankful for playing for the Country? Can we expect them to be grateful for the opportunity to represent Malaysia by training hard and fighting hard for the honour of our Country?

Can you also now see how they have affected our Juniors for all these years? What was their message to the Juniors about training hard for selection? What were they taught? Chess or writing scurrilous emails for back door entries etc?

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