Sunday, December 29, 2013

Do you find this post by Peter and the comment by Jimmy there offensive?

Do have a look. Here.

These are my thoughts. Both Jimmy and Peter are very good at criticizing and knocking down the players that are the products of other trainers and coaches. I think they feel that by doing that those players may go to them.

That is also called poaching.

I think it is fair comment to say that we still have a lot to learn as trainers and coaches in this Country and I think the very first step is to fix the selection criteria to get rid of the deadbeats before there is any incentive to raise our game. Where is the incentive for trainers and coaches to improve when selection for the national team is not based on skill but by talking to Greg etc etc?

If you guys are so concerned as to the state of our chess then why didn't you decline representing Malaysia without selection when you both know that there are far better players than you two in Malaysia? Why keep trying for side deals even when you come out dead last or not played a Fide classical event in over 10 years?

But I also have another question. Peter and Jimmy, can you please tell us the names of the players that you have identified and raised as a player? I know you guys specialise in trying to get the limelight by promoting certain players after the fact. And some may think by dubious means too. So I mean by teaching chess.

But really, who did you raise? From what I can see any player that goes to you, even for a short time, end up badly.

Peter and Jimmy, can you name us the players from the tournaments that they have played so we can see the results? As far as I know none of your players have done well. And even more sad you do not even announce their names before or at the tournaments that they have played in. Are you ashamed of them? Do you not have any confidence in your abilities as trainers?

You do not get credit from merely criticizing others, you get credit by being a better trainer, a better coach. And that comes from the results of the players you have raised. So why don't you guys just do that instead of talking rubbish?

Do you think I may have answered your hidden question as to why the top players in Malaysia won't use you 2 fellas? If it were up to me, I wouldn't allow either of you within a 100 feet of any child who wants to play strong chess.

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