Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Divide and rule and changing MCF.

It is funny but the people who I hear now talking about changing MCF again actually have no clue about what is wrong in the first place. I always test by asking them what is their strategy and they have no answers. For their strategy will be dependent on what they see is the problem.

And if they have no answers I feel their intentions are not sincere. How can you be serious about solving anything if you don't even take the time to understand the problem? So becareful about getting involved with them. They merely want to use you to get into office and then it's the same old, same old but with different names. They just want their own cronies there instead of the incumbents. Or so it seems.

So lets do a little study of the current modus operandi here. Their first instrument is the use of parents fear for their child. They use the fear of parents against them. So they threaten the use of bannings without grounds against their child etc. And after they have displayed that power they then tell you that they have the short cuts and an academy. That is the basic operating force.

Then they will use broken players like Jimmy, Peter etc to tell you rubbish about ratings since they have developed ways to get high rating that is not representative of their true playing strength. They also control the entry of arbiters to control the results of tournaments.

And then they will get certain parents who are not confident of their children's ability to take part in their scam and tell more lies so that they can spin why their children should have free entries and sponsorship.

To do this well they must also control the Associations so that once you are in the trap there is no way to get remedies. They hold key posts so that no complaints can be acted on. They only allow yes men into the Council. They will never allow independent thought. If there are any then they will use sackings without grounds etc. to remove them.

You get the drift. Go to their "academies" not to learn chess but so that the child cuts the queue. It's all pretty well wrapped up.

So to you guys now planning the new coup d'etat. Spell out clearly for us what your intentions are. Spell out your policies and your strategy for developing Malaysian chess. We do not trust whispers in the dark. For those things only happen when you have something to hide. And we do not trust inane statements like trust us. Our trust must be earned.

What we really need is a complete new team. Changing one or two is a waste of time. Using those with tainted baggages will only result in a reversal later on. We need to get them out and keep them out. They know this game too well and you are mere novices in this game. They are well practiced at lies and misinformation after playing this game for 30 plus years. So their SOP is more developed than your SOP.

That is how so few of them have controlled MCF for so many years while you lot have been alternating between complaining and banging your heads against the wall or screaming for our own GM and medals. Divide and rule. Frustration and delusion.

Understand the problem first and then think clearly through the issues to come up with solutions. It is not too difficult and you are in a mind sport. So please display some good thinking or stop wasting our time and energy with this new takeover attempt. And show us your new team to convince us that you have people of substance and integrity before trying to enlist help. We are not in the business of changing clowns.

Do it right this time. Like a well thought out chess game. No more cartoon shows like the last AGM please. Where you royally screwed up a totally won game. Chess teaches us that without a sound strategy based on accurate evaluation and understanding, you just won't win. Yes?

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