Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Story: The last refuge of a failed trainer.

If a trainer is confident of his player, his knowledge, his skills then I think he would want a fair contest. Why? Because that is the only true way to test himself, if he is really good or not? The only true way to improve when or if he comes out short is by having an accurate measure so he knows where the shortcomings are. So he will not condone fixing.

But on the other hand, what would be the last refuge of a failed trainer? Lets sit down and think a little about this. Let's imagine and fantasize a little. So this is just a story, a fantasy. It is not true in Malaysian chess.

In this fantasy land of our minds, what would the failed trainer do? Hmmmmm, tough one yes? But maybe if we really stretch our minds this may be the answer for them. They will want to look at swiss manager to learn how to manipulate pairings for instance yes?

What else? Maybe develop tag teams you think? So they can pass each other points so that no matter what, one of the trainer's player will end up on top. Then the trainer can "shine".

What do you think so far? Even in fantasy stories we need to stay within the realm of possibilities. That is the formula for great fantasy, sci-fi best sellers etc.

So how about they now invade and take over the Chess Associations so that they cannot be penalised in case there are complaints? Maybe yes? Hmmmmm.... There is also the additional perk of slipping their own players in by coming out with biased criteria, tie-breaks, play offs etc etc.

Pause. If that was to happen, then what if other people catch on? What if say the Universities stop recognising their certs? Ref: Here. Big problem in this storyline. Every fantasy story needs a good ending yes?

Hold on, the conclusion is coming to me.

What about if all these new skills of the failed trainer is now used to export the expertise overseas to neighbouring Countries? Sound ok? Afterall there must also be failed trainers there. Surely they must also need arbiters to help them fix things there too? And we have "developed" the "expertise".

Now we can have positive ROI. :) Those trainers will now be contributing to our foreign exchange reserves.

And so on that happy note we can now end this fantasy story. Think this story may sell?

Note: Please read trainer and arbiter interchangeably for this story.

The writing above is pure fiction and has no resemblance to reality. This is just a pure mental exercise in imagination as chess players are wont to do.

A side note: This just came to me. Question. What else do failed trainers do? Do they not now pass on their failure disease to their players? If the players now believe they need fixing to play, then what happens to their confidence? Is the positive foreign exchange enough compensation for all the damage done? Hmmmmm, maybe I need to work on this storyline a little more.....

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