Monday, December 23, 2013

Now we know how we can represent the Country for the senior squad.

Talk to Greg.

Right from the horses mouth. From the man who has represented our Country for the Olympiads etc without selection.

Of course they don't mind a proper selection for NAG or Juniors. After all the parents pay for those. In fact the more the merrier. More benefits to the officials.

But when it comes to the senior squad, when the Country pays, it's talk to Greg. He can fix the selection criteria so you can have easy or free entry. And even if you can't make the very easy entry you can still talk to Greg. Maybe if you butter him enough, you still get to play transfer chess.

But that is the route.

Now parents, is this a fair deal for you? After all your years of investing in your child's chess, it boils down to talk to Greg when they come of age. Is that not corruption? And how many deals can Greg offer? How many places are available for side deals?

So why even bother to have selection for the senior squad at all? Why not we all stop learning about chess and all of us just talk to Greg?

Now, MCF, I was just wondering if this case may perhaps warrant an enquiry? What do you think? Do you need something bigger than subverting and defrauding the entire chess community before you take action? Is there even anything more serious than this? Hmmmmm....

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