Sunday, December 15, 2013

Real Chess, Blitz result from SEA games.

See this post. Here.

We need to send out our players trained and prepared to win no? I couldn't help but notice Irene Kharisma's picture on facebook with her gold medal from SEA games together with her psychology consultant and technique trainer.

What do we do here then that we can go out hoping to win a medal? Isn't it a little delusional if we have not done much? Can that explain why we went for Myammar chess; hoping for a medal to disguise our failure in real chess development? Ref: Here.

And who do we use for the little training that we have? I have always said we need to learn from those that are still fighting in today's chess. The opinions of people who had some success from some decades ago and who still think they are Ferrari's are misguided. The opinions of the people who played some chess and had a little success on the National level but do not dare to compete anymore for over a decade are not relevant.

The game has changed drastically even in the last 2 to 3 years.

The difference to changing our fortunes lie in better and up to date training. here.

An aside. I had an interesting conversation with a Singaporean Coach during Penang Open. He has decided to breakaway from the Singapore mainstream development program under SCF. I asked him why. I was curious since I also find myself heading in that direction. He said Singapore was top 30 in world ranking 20/30 years back but now it is 100 something. (not very sure if I remember the numbers correctly so treat this as an analogy).

His argument went like this. If we follow the mainstream and they are disappearing off the world ranking charts then that will also happen to us if we are tied to them. Hmmmmm, made sense to me. Btw that coach has produced very young IM's recently. So I do give his opinion some weightage. The answers are all in the results. (that is provided they don't ban the players that want to play strong chess and not want their back doors of course)

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