Thursday, December 19, 2013

So what earthly use is there for FGM to exist?

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I can't fix things for you. In fact I won't fix things for you even if I can. Your progress must be based strictly on your understanding of chess and nothing else. So if you do join FGM you may never play for the Country even if your chess is good. In the past they have attacked my players. They have even tried to ban them.

All I can say is that if you are victimised as a player of FGM, I will stand with you.

But is that all? I say no. I will say that I will endeavour to teach you all these other things too from chess. Here. I will say that if you learn those lessons from chess, you will be a better person and you will know your self worth.

I will say that with those lessons you will be able to stand tall in whatever arena you set yourself in later in life. Lets be honest, not all of you are meant to be or want to be a GM. Your calling in life may be in other things. But you would have learnt from your time in chess on how to succeed.

I will also say that those that have taken the short cuts will never amount to much. They won't go much further than representing the Country in a few events. And then they will fade away. They will not have what it takes to succeed in a competitive environment. For it will be truly hard to fix the whole world so that you can still win with lousy chess. Although I hear that one may be trying to do just that in this region. It's like trying to hold back the river with one hand. So I won't take you there.

But you on the other hand, if you don't take the short cuts, will have the option to either become a GM if you want, for it is only further up the road that you will travel in when you really learn the correct way. Or you can take those lessons to succeed elsewhere.

Why do you also know this? You know this because you can see the end result of our 30 plus years of trying the same short cuts, the same back doors, in chess. 30 years of failing and they still don't learn. So why would you want to be like them?

The question for you is what do you want in life? What do you want for yourself or for your child? Are you thinking short term or long term. Then decide.

We cannot stop others from using the back doors without a change in MCF as they have worked hard for over 30 years to ensure that they can put in whichever player they want. (Whether they play good chess or not). And they will always have their supporters in parents and players who wants the short cuts too.

But you can decide to see clearly that in the end they will amount to nothing.

So don't despair if you cannot make the squad when it is fixed. It is not a reflection of your skill in chess. Life is a marathon. You will be ahead later on.

This is not a physical sport with a shelf life. This is a mental sport from which the lessons well learnt, will hold you up for life. 

That is the reason why FGM still exist today.

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