Monday, December 23, 2013

Part 2 of lies, deflection and fraud by "no shame".


It is obvious that after so many years of free entries despite playing crap chess, that Jimmy is pissed with MCF now that he has been denied once. He is just a sour grape because he can no longer tell us who can play and who can't play for Malaysia today. And probably he is not part of the "sub contracting" work too.

But still it is revealing if you read carefully. He is merely describing in detail what has been ailing Malaysian chess.

I am not going to bother with his cheap justifications on why a piece of deadwood should still be playing for Malaysia. That is a waste of time. Those opportunities should simply be given to develop the current squad. The real chess players.

So lets focus on the other revelations. Jimmy claims that Myammar chess was "sub contracted" out. Lets consider this. This may be a good idea only under this condition. That MCF has the equivalent of the Auditor General that knows how to audit projects. That due process has been followed. That the money has not been transferred to hidden accounts as were the past accusations levied against MCF.

Actually I have spoken to an auditor of MCF recently. He told me that there are no audits. And personally I don't think he knows how to conduct one even if there was. And that was probably why he was selected as auditor of MCF in the first place.

So again MCF has left themselves wide open to an investigation into fraud and corruption. MCF, I suggest you do something before it is taken out of your hands. Clean out your own house.

Part 1. Here.

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