Monday, December 30, 2013

Actually it's lets write a new history.

Ref: Here.

I think once the fight between those that wants genuine selection and those that defends the back doors through lies and deceit is finally settled once and for all then this type of writing will also stop. And only MCF has that power.

The whole of Malaysia is fed up of being thrashed in International circuits and having players in the Malaysian team that comes in through the back doors long after they are able to play chess anymore or before they have proved themselves. I have highlighted Perak simply because the causes for decline is much more obvious there than anywhere else I know.

I hear that there are new moves to have an MCF AGM in March. When my views were solicited I said that I think we need to hear about the issues that will be resolved by the change of leadership and not just the name of the leader and everything else remains the same. If that is the case we may as well save on the money and the energy spent from calling for an early AGM.

The new history that we need to write is for Jimmy Liew and everyone else mentioned in the link above to play at National Close and then make the Malaysian team. No more back doors. If the new leadership is able to provide solutions to all that has been ailing Malaysian chess then it will be well worth the trouble.

So lets write a new chapter in Malaysian chess yes Jimmy and Eddy? See you guys at National Close k, so you can show us all how a Ferrari is supposed to play. Much better than putting down the other Juniors yes? Show them by example.

And Eddy, taught Mark? What can't you lie about? What is the level of your chess? How did you play in Penang Open? But teaching your children how to lie too? Isn't that a new low even for you? And your children deleted those comments because you know they have finally crossed the line into slander. Why don't you yourself repeat what they said instead of hiding behind them?

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