Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Have we missed a golden opportunity to promote Malaysian chess?

I just finished watching the news where they report the medal tally for Malaysia in SEA games. Free promotions on TV. I can think of nothing better to bring fresh interest back to our sport than by winning medals there.

So this is what I can't figure out. MCF was chartered to promote and develop International chess in Malaysia. What I am told is that from the moment we knew about SEA games about 2 years back, we started an intensive program for the players who didn't make the cut in International chess to start training in Myammar chess.

Why Myammar chess? Why not have the same intensity for International chess?

And then sadly I see on facebook from people who should know better saying that they hope we will come back with a Gold medal. Correct me if I am wrong but I too would hope for a medal if I know our players have been well trained and prepared. Then I am not above saying a silent prayer hoping that we have got our training right. That we are prepared. That we have a fighting chance.

So very honestly I found it hard to add my cheer on facebook. Instead I have this sinking feeling that we are going to get thrashed again.

What is so wrong with MCF that they don't even really try? Have they no confidence in our players? Have they no confidence with themselves? Do they know deep down inside that we have too many weak players because we did not do a proper selection to find our fighters?

Then why not change our selection criteria to get rid the deadwoods? Ref: Here.

Why is it that they only know how to move the goal posts so that their cronies stay in? Is this all that they really care about? Here.

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