Thursday, December 26, 2013

Indonesian chess success stories.


If there is one thing that the FGM chess camp demonstrated to me it is that the training must be correct if you are to succeed. Here.

We have struggled for many years before the dots were finally joined. And for that we give our thanks to Norlito for finally opening our eyes.

In the Phillippines, if you are to play the drawish weapons that we teach our kids, they will laugh at you and ask why are you playing like a girl. (No offence meant, it's just a figure of speech). But indeed why are you playing like a girl in the man's world of chess?

On facebook I keep seeing our chess players moaning that they cannot find the discipline to train. If you really want to know the reason why then go here for the clue. Do you see what I tried to say? It may not seem much but it is all there in that one sentence. You must keep your fighting spirit alive or you will not last the race.

And that is what our chess officials and people like Jimmy, Mok and Peter try to take from you before they send you out to fight for Malaysia. Do you remember what they did to Zhuo Ren and Sumant? Do you remember what they tried to do to Mark?

But there is even more. You must be also taught how to win. Here.

We finally learnt the correct way in November of this year after exploring and trying different trainers and methods for years. GM's and IM's included. And by that I mean fighting GM's that are still competing, IM's that developed World class youth teams. But it was in Batangas that the final penny dropped.

That is why they succeed and we fail. That is what I have been trying to say to you for all these years. Not only are we not doing it the right way but our officials are actually working against our Country by giving the back doors BY knocking out more deserving players.

Not only do they NOT know about correct training and coaching. They try to hide their ignorance by fixing results.

That is why they succeed and we fail. We have the talent and we have the resources. But we need to correct what is ailing us by changing MCF for the better.

We need good strategy, good plans from the top. We need good thinkers at the top who actually care for our real chess players and not protect the deadbeats. We need chess leaders who actually care for the reputation of our great Country. That is all.

While everyone else has focussed on how to win in chess they have focussed on how to fix pairings, how to change results by fixing the tie breaks, how to ban players they cannot intimidate, how to do side deals. And you learn what you focus on don't you? How to get fat Fide ratings? How to avoid certain tournaments and selection so you are not caught out? Etc etc etc.

Question. Why did Li Tian stop playing at Asean age group? He is now 2300. Higher in rating then almost all his peers except for FM Paulo Bersamina. Look hard at that question and the answer will come.

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