Wednesday, December 18, 2013

No medals for real Chess in SEA games.

Ref: Here.

Note: Transfer chess is the official name for double chess.

Please allow me to make some suggestions here as to where MCF blundered. You can then compare this with what Jimmy has to say later.

The very first blunder is in the selection process. The best is we remove altogether from the selection criteria the biasness for the Fide active list players. This will ensure that our players will play fighting chess and not play tournaments for Fide ratings alone. I am sure this makes sense to you as Fide ratings alone do not bring medals. Agreed?

So if they are any good as a player, they will fight and win in selection. This will train our players to fight and win medals in tournaments. Period.

In the past I have suggested that we use National Close as the primary determinant for representation. Say top 15 and then they play round robin to select the 8 players for the Country. But if there is still a need to use the Fide active list, then the top 20 from NC vs the top 10 from the active list. The we select straight down the line. No contortions or distortions.

My second suggestion is that MCF sticks only to core business, since they don't even do that very well. Don't waste time and energy on the other forms since nobody who understands chess will ever remember those side events.

Third is to make sure that those who did not participate in selection does not ever show up again representing Malaysia in any event that resembles chess in any way, shape or form. Those side events are best given to the current squad for their further development. This will further galvanise the chess community to focus on real chess development since there are no more loop holes to representing the Country.

And fourth. Start them training from the moment they are selected. I am sure you know how to do that if you really sit down and think about it. If not you can consult with FGM for some ideas.

Our very loose "selection" process is the main reason why players like Jimmy, Mok, Peter and believe it or not even Greg has managed to play for Malaysia in recent years long past their due dates. Those are all deadwood as players. Get them to play selection if they want to represent Malaysia and if they cannot qualify then don't let them represent the Country. But DO NOT keep twisting the selection criteria to continue trying to fit them in.

And MCF, if you can do that, you have taken your first step towards winning medals. It's that simple. Congratulations.

Thank you for your consideration and for your time. Over to you Jimmy.

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