Wednesday, December 18, 2013


During Malaysian Open this year one parent said that sometimes my articles seem angry.

And sometimes I wonder why so many parents seem to be able to train themselves into seeing and hearing no evil even when it is so blatantly obvious. Sometimes I wonder how they have become so helpless that they choose to live under the tyranny of these chess officials rather than protect their own children.

Sometimes I wonder how certain parents can tell such blatant lies to steal the rights from other children to benefit their own child. And then I wonder how is it that they can do such things with such a sense of pride. What kind of damaged people can steal even from children?

I have said below that when it involves adults I rarely want to get involved. Adults are adults because they can make their own choices on how they want to live in this world. But is it wrong to feel angry when there are helpless children involved?

And why should we honour adults who perpetrate these crimes? And why should we honour their child who have benefited by robbing other children? Isn't that twisted?

Isn't it more correct that we only honour those that have achieved their successes honestly? What is the message?

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