Thursday, December 19, 2013

What do I mean by real chess players?

Ref: Here.

In the article above I implied right at the end, that the real chess players are those that has the bigger picture. There is a lot there if we examine closer.

So lets consider this a little deeper today. In chess we very often arrive at a position that requires accurate evaluation before we can continue. And this evaluation is not always apparent. Are you losing or are you winning? What is the objective reality?

What would be the job of your opponent? Is it not his job to deflect, misdirect? Would he not try to use his title and high fide rating to intimidate? He will do all he can to prevent you from seeing the true position.

And your job is not to get intimidated. Your job is not to get deflected or misdirected. Your job is to arrive at an accurate evaluation and then find the fortitude to go for the win or the draw if it is there.

Today you are being fed lies that disguises the true position of what is going on. And they rely on the tools of your chess opponent to keep you blind. They rely on intimidation to keep you from winning.

Now you have children and players under your care. Your job is to make sure that they can fulfil their hopes and dreams. Your job is to teach them this so that they may become the best that they can be. Here. 

So even if you are not fooled by their lies, deflection and misdirection but you find yourself helpless to change things, you will find that they have actually succeeded in robbing you of your fighting spirit. And when that happens, you will find that you have lost your role as a guide for your children/player, as a leader/mentor.

Maybe this happens to us individually. But when more and more falls under the spell, it infects the entire chess community. Do you think what I say may be true? If the children see our helplessness, will they not learn that from us too? Or do you think we can exhort them to rise above the odds and fight to win for their Country when we ourselves get intimidated and/or deceived by not very intelligent people. When we ourselves do not dare to think and then do not dare to act.

Worth thinking about no? Is that why we do not win medals? Is that why we keeping slipping down the world charts? Is that why we always keep hoping for medals but will not work to earn it. Have they not now also robbed us of our self esteem, our self confidence?

Isn't chess supposed to raise Generals, CEO's? Ref: Here. Isn't that really what chess is supposed to teach us on top of the technical bits? Do you see chess in Malaysia doing any of those things? That is what is meant by chess makes you smart, no?

Will we not do something to help our children think better in order for them to build a better future for themselves? Or do you think it is too late for that?

The real chess players are those with the bigger picture. Those that can give you the roadmap to success.

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