Friday, December 27, 2013

Why FGM chess camp in Batangas was important.

Our first trainer was a GM. A fighting GM who is still competing on the chess circuit today. And he taught us many things. He showed us the importance of having the right weapons although we could not use his. So we spent a lot of time finding the ones that suited us.

The second trainer we engaged was an IM who trained the Ukrainian Youth Team (a world class team). He showed us the magic and possibilities of the middle game.

But still we got stuck. Our best result was NJ no.2 in 2010 and NJ no.3, 2013.

What Batangas showed us was the building blocks you need to have before the lessons of the IM and the GM has more relevance. Our basic was weak.

I then realised that we did everything in reverse. As our basics get stronger with our daily training program now, we find new relevance to what the IM and the GM taught us all those years back. Look at the FGM chess camp again. Here. This is what they don't want you to know. You cannot move into deeper strategies till you first deal with your basics. And that is what you need to train.

Strategy comes from competitor analysis and that is what I teach. But first you must have the basics.

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