Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The difference lies in the training and the attitude towards training.

They have 18 GM's and we have none. Look at the training. Here. Look at how that training produced a top Asian and Asean Junior. Here.

Look at his attitude to training and competition. Here. Isn't that the way?

Note: When you trust your training, you dare to compete.

I think differences of opinions are normal and healthy when we are all trying to find the way to improve, to find solutions. So we debate, we analyse which way is better. But we apply reasoning.

But surely this cannot be the way. Here. Yes, it was Mark's training partner at that time that was attacked. Yes, that is the same player who has now joined FGM as a trainer and sparring partner for our players.

If we are not careful then this story may become a reality, if it is not already. Here.

Don't you think this may also be a reason for why Universities, our Government and serious sponsors may not support our sport? We are not going to go anywhere without a change in attitude towards training and improving the process for the selection of players. I had a discussion recently with an MOE official in Perak. (Directly after my Thematic event but before Philippines). He told me that his department will support development but not tournaments. So that is the way to get more support.

But what are we doing instead?

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