Friday, September 16, 2011

The Malaysian Team at Merdeka rapid.

Ref: Here.

There seems to be no end to this man's hypocricy. At merdeka rapid, I was informed by Greg before he went to China that there was an MCF sponsored Malaysian Team fielded. And this team was open to the SEA games players.

We were not intending to play at Teams as we wanted to head back home to do our postmortem after a long and tiring trip.

However when I saw Sumant he told me that he did not have a Team. Anyway to cut a long story short, this sponsored "Malaysian SEA games Team" ended up with Jimmy, Mok, Li Tian and Soon Wai Cheong. I asked Ismail Ahmad who was the team manager to check up what was happening. He told me that he spoke to Mok and Mok did not want Sumant on the team.

So I got together Kaushal, Justin and Mark to form a team around Sumant as it was not good for his psyche not to have a team. This is how much Jimmy cares and now he tries to twist again. I spoke to Greg on this recently and he told me he felt so bad that he paid RM100 to Sumant to reimburse him. Actually we all paid our share of the entrance fee.

So my advice to Sumant still is to avoid Jimmy at SEA games if possible as rejection and more mind games there would not be good for him. Jimmy is poison. It's as simple as that.

Note: Avoid if possible is not the same as treat with animosity. That I have never advocated for that will mean we lower ourselves to his level. As the junior there Sumant may find himself in need of advice and guidance. At that time I believe Yee Weng is the better person to approach. The type of advice Jimmy gives can be found from the Zhuo Ren example.

With reference to Mok saying he doesnt want Sumant on the team, I wonder why he has such a voice in a team meant for our SEA games athletes. Surely Jimmy and Sumant should have more say in this matter. If that had happened, it would have shown us Jimmy's team spirit.

With reference to Sumant getting into trouble with me, he knows me better than that. My opinions are always offered with my reasoning. I never force anyone to accept my arguments. All I ask is that they treat the opinion with consideration and not knee jerk reactions.

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