Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Training elite forces.

There is something very fundamentally different in the approach to the training of elite forces. Generally they operate in small teams. Each with their own speciality and yet each team member is trained to fulfil the mission alone if he is the last man standing. That means each team member is taught to be a leader.

The training is very tough not only physically but mentally as well. They need to be able to think under pressure. To continue to make optimum decisions and to evaluate best odds under ever changing conditions.

Talent alone is insufficient. We need to look at the training. Which model is closer to the training requirements of chess warriors? So my question is if we are training GI's or elite forces? It seems to me that we are instilling more fears into our own players rather than teaching them how to withstand the assaults from the outside.

If you ask me who would I fund, my answer would be the trained elite warrior. One who has calculated the odds, done the preparation, is able to not only acknowledge the pressure but able to thrive in it and surmount the odds. Someone like the Nichol David of chess.

I think we have a way to go yet.

Dedicated to our currently still fighting and our future chess warriors.

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