Tuesday, September 13, 2011

And on the right corner we have.......

I have reliable information that someone is trying to set up a structure similar to Singapore here in Malaysia. But lets just call this a story.

For those that are not familiar with the Singapore structure, let me give you some background. In Singapore the National players have to take part in a National training program under SCF. This program is under a private academy which is owned by an official in SCF.

So lets call this party the right corner. And on the left we have the challenger Peter, who has no less than a "university". And he too wants control of MCF. Both parties realise that without control of MCF a new structure cannot be set up.

And so the struggle. But lets see if this struggle makes any sense to the rest of us. Both parties do not have a good track record of successes in training at a high level. But they want control.

Isn't this premature? Don't you think where they should be focusing their energies is on how to develop high level players? For if either now wins, we won't have anyone who can develop our players to the next level.

So what makes sense? Lets first consider how training works, how coaching works. The first thing is that the trainer/coach must believe in the players they are training or they wont give their best. Second the players must trust and believe in the training and the trainer/coach that they have or they wont do their best. For these are personal choices. So if either wins, we have lost our choice again. And the Country loses.

What makes sense is for the academies to find ways to improve their training first. To have different philosophies and methods in contention over the chess board for it to prove their worth.

So this is just a struggle of egos. Both without the track record or ability to train at a high level. And instead of improving themselves they want to control and force mediocrity on us. But they also want us to believe they are heros. So they spin lies to try to cast an illusion on the Malaysian chess community. And if they can't do that they want to frighten you into not opposing their plans to keep Malaysia mediocre.

So I say, go and improve yourself first. Show us you can produce Champions in the real world. Then we talk.

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