Tuesday, September 6, 2011

On sponsors and MCF

A favorite topic among gatherings of parents of National Juniors is sponsorship. And the favorite grouse is that MCF should be responsible for getting it. Somehow I always feel that we may be a little off tangent.

This is what I think. There are basically 2 types of sponsors. The Government and private sponsors.

To get government sponsorship we need to show results. Medals from International Tournaments. We need to get into the sports radar. So SEA games is a way to get noticed. And to do that we need a fighting team, a unified team. We need our chess warriors to train hard for the event. Then we may have a chance.

The other type of sponsors are private sponsors. Lets be realistic. Private sponsors will often come with strings attached. They are business entities and they may have their own opinion of who or what is "sponsorable". Actually there is nothing wrong with that idea. After all it is their money.

I think this may be part of the cause for the confusion over the Asean initiative by FGM as well as the controversy over Li Tian's sponsorship to China by Dato Tan. We have very often mixed up Government and private sponsorship. There is a difference. The same way that there is a difference between Association and private organisers.

Right now all we have are private sponsors on a more or less regular basis. To get more Government of Malaysia funding we need to shine. Otherwise we need to live within our current realities.

I am hoping that if we are clearer on these issues we can stop barking up the wrong tree and focus on changing the things that can be changed. MCF needs to work with both to get best traction. But they are both different animals.

Note: This confusion has been exploited by certain anonymous individuals to create problems within the chess community.

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