Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We are not training GI's, we are training elite forces/officers.

GI's. General issue. Theirs is not to question why. Theirs is to do or die.

Just for some fun today, lets see how we can create GI's. Lets be creative here. The first thing we have to do is to break their spirit. Are we agreed here? Otherwise how are we supposed to ask them to do crazy things like charge a position and die like men so we can get a count of the enemy concentration in that sector or apologise to ghosts?

So the first thing we need to teach them is rank. I am FM and he is IM. It really doesn't matter if we are cowards or if they respect us. They cannot question us. We just teach them to obey orders. And if they don't we punish them. We ban them. We frighten them into apologising to ghosts. Hell anything, so long as it's not done with thinking. So long as we make them more frightened of us than the enemy.

Any other ideas? How about we tell them the other side have got a new IM. And I beat him 2 years ago. Got to make them feel inferior right? Otherwise how to control? Otherwise how would they know I am boss?

Any more? Lets see. If we tell them that they are all washed up by 15yo, would that mean there will be no one who can challenge our wisdom? Lets think on this.

Hmmmmm, but there are tons of evidence everyday on the internet to the contrary. In every International tournament....

I got it. If we keep them frightened enough they wont be able to see this. Aren't I smart? :) If I keep this up maybe they wont see me screw up at SEA games. I'll just blame the other fella. Good idea.

Any other ideas? Lets keep it coming guys. We just invented ghosts but they are catching on. And all the other ideas have been overused for the last 30 years. Come on......

No new ideas? Sigh! I'm surrounded by people who cannot think. How did it get that way?

Dedicated to my muse Jimmy and Peter. Guys, you inspire me. You are the greatest. Please accept this humble tribute to your great teachings.

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