Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How do you build Champions?

We first teach them how to make decisions with courage, how to confront their fears with reasoning. How to think under ever increasing pressure. How to protect their minds.

We nurture their confidence and build up their spirit. They will make mistakes along the way but we show them how to identify the correct problem and then we show them how to overcome them but without breaking their spirit or adding to their fears.

That is the building of the character of a Champion. That is the framework, the heart. And then we slowly add the content, the technical.


  1. I believe that confidence is everything, the fundamental tool to get ahead in life. And in a mental sport like chess you need this in equal spades as technical knowledge. For example, if you are about to enter a tournament with a stronger player and you don't have confidence, your battle is already lost before it begins.

  2. Agreed. But the real question is how do you build confidence? Keep reading this blog. I'll be writing more on it. Then join the dots. :)

  3. Perhaps it involves first identifying their fears and then help them to overcome them? ;-)