Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Don't you find it a little galling?

Ref: Here and here and here.

First he says we have messy minds, then he calls us lowly. And now he calls one of our fighters "still improving but woefully lacking in confidence".

I don't know about you but I generally want to learn from someone who knows more than me, follow a leader with greater leadership skills and take advice about courage and confidence from someone who has more courage and confidence.

Peter signed up for Datmo but was a no show. He hasn't played a proper tournament in years. Almost all the older Juniors who have been with him even for a short time have nothing good to say about him. He has taken RM1,500 and tried to intimidate an entire contingent of Malaysian players at Mal/Sing. 2011.

Actually who has he got as a player now? He "bans" a Perakian player from KL Open. I can only speculate that this may be because he is worried about the possibility of having to present a Perakian player to the Regent of Perak as the best Malaysian in the KL Open. How can he allow that possibility? After all he has a Chess University and FGM's Coach doesn't even play chess. So how can "backward" Perak produce a National player?

I would have a lot more respect for his statements if he was to play in a real tournament and really show us what he knows about today's chess. I may still not like what he says but at least there will be some basis for his insults.

As far as I am concerned, our fighters deserve our respect. They are still out there and that takes courage. So to Mas Hafizul, my deepest respect. To you, to IM Yee Weng and to Sumant Subramaniam, go to SEA games and make us proud. If you fight there is always a chance. Good luck and may all our best wishes go with you.

To the IM who checked out. I hope you check back in again.

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