Thursday, September 8, 2011

Today's Contemplation.

...that you cannot hope to solve any problem using the

same energy that created the problem.

Whether it's the endless wars in the world or the

unending quarrels and fighting in your own home, the

problem is the same: conflicting energy. If you want

to change the outcome, change the energy.

Neale Donald Walsch

What this says to me is that you cannot fight hatred with hatred. Insults with more insults. Fear with more fear. Then you become just like them.

The way out is to change the energy. And that can only be done if you understand the source of their hatred, the real source for their insults. If you can begin to see why they need to do what they do, then you are on the correct road. This is actually the basis of this blog and my writings.

Note: Check out Stockholm syndrome. (Psychology) a psychological condition in which hostages or kidnap victims become sympathetic towards their captors

[after a group of hostages in Stockholm in 1973]

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