Saturday, September 10, 2011

Where to now Malaysia?

Both Datmo and KL Open has now ended. And it looks like we haven't done so well. Actually I think we have made some real strides forward. This is my perspective. There is now a big upsurge in chess interest in Malaysia since selection and there is now a clear demarcation between the fighters and the quitters. It wasn't so clear before. From this place we can make a fight back.

It took a lot of guts for both IM Yee Weng and IM Mas Hafizul to fight on our shores in such a strong field and in full view of the Malaysian public. Just for that they deserve our deepest respect.

If I may now make a suggestion. Do look for the actual cause for the drop in form. If you can nail it, you can turn the tide. That is the only way to avoid making the same mistakes again. Together with Sumant, you guys are the fighters we will be sending to SEA games and you have been severely tested. If you can find where the problem is in time for SEA games, I trust you will do well.

The numbers dont say much about your real fighting strength. A quick look at the final ranking from KL Open will tell you that.

As for Jimmy, you are the only one who gained in rating playing in veterans. I hope you are right. Maybe your opponents will be intimidated by that slightly larger number. I don't think so but what do I know right? So SEA games will be a good place for you to prove your argument. I have no problems in being proven wrong there. Best of luck.

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