Wednesday, September 14, 2011

An exercise in reasoning.

When I started this blog, I said this is an educational blog. Go here first to refresh what we are talking about. Here.

Learned behaviour. Now a part of chess is misdirection, sudden attacks to overwhelm thinking and reasoning etc. This is of course a weapon we can use against opponents.

It's a different situation when we are investigating amongst ourselves how to improve Malaysian chess so we can stop being an embarrassment when we are against a foreign field. Win or lose is another matter. At least we can still be respected because we fought, we did our best.

You may have noticed that I have never started a personal attack against anyone. But I have asked hard questions. And I have dedicated this blog to explaining to you how your mind can be attacked by using examples of their posts and comments.

If you can see through the "cheap tricks", I guarantee you that you will be a stronger player. This is the first level attack against weak, untrained minds. If that fail and you now know how to see through those tricks, you will move to a higher level. Deep reasoning.

This example comes from "one of us". But do it anyway. Sometimes the enemy come from within.

This is the exercise. Here.

Try to see through the misdirection, the distortions etc.

Have fun doing this. No need to get angry. It is enough to understand. For if you do it well, you will have learned new behaviour and well on the way to being a chess genius. Good luck.

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