Thursday, September 1, 2011

An attack against a Junior is an attack against the Nation.

I have been watching and studying the convoluted logic of Jimmy and his friends for some time now. They keep saying they are patriots and they care for chess. But for today on our Merdeka celebration holiday, lets call a spade a spade. Lets call the traitors who they really are; traitors.

All their arguments have been in the senseless defence of jaded players who are past their due dates. They are no longer able or willing to fight for the Country. All they now want to do is to prevent new players from taking their place with carefully designed lies and schemes.

I explained to some friends at Datmo that we are not India or China. We do not have their vast pool of numbers. All we have are our few Juniors. Iron sharpen iron. And we only have a few possible "irons" in our pool of players to do that and cannot afford to lose even one. The Country, the parents have paid a heavy price to develop them.

Jimmy's friends attack them without rhyme or reason and then they say they are only helping them. They cause them senseless anguish and pain and then say it is for their own good. So for today at least lets be honest. Jimmy and his friends are only out to protect that glass ceiling.

They do not want us to progress or develop. This is just about their ego and their free trips overseas. And they don't care who they destroy as a result of it.

So what are we to say or think about the one or two parents of Juniors who are also their supporters. My guess is that they have been promised the back door too. I can see no other reason why they will support those traitors otherwise. So you may see that they too will avoid playing strong competitions and start cooking the numbers. Same formula as their teachers.

Today I want to wish our fighting Juniors happy Merdeka. Fight for your right to play for Malaysia in healthy competition. Improve your chess. Tomorrow is yours. Break through that glass ceiling and don't look for the short cuts. It doesn't exist. Then go out there and make Malaysia proud of you.

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