Thursday, September 22, 2011

How to get a Malaysian GM by 15yo.

As I delve further into developing our competitor analysis model and with more interaction with other trainers and still competing GM's, it seems to me that it is only possible to have a very young GM under one condition. And that condition is that the young protegy has a second who is also a very strong GM.

Lets assume that this analysis is correct for the moment and lets look at the implications if that were true. Most high level GM who is current and still competing will not be a second unless he has a strong belief in that protegy. And even with that belief he still has to be financially compensated.

That GM's primary role is to prepare the competitor analysis for every landmark tournament and to oversee the technical training. So if I am correct the cost implications and variables have changed. The sponsor has to now finance both the player and the GM. Then it is possible to have a Malaysian GM by 15yo.

Note: You may also have to factor in cost of training etc. It's not just the tournament. And I presume you will also want the type of training where the player is getting stronger and stronger mentally, more disciplined etc rather than more and more fear bound. So it is not just technical.

There are 2 very important characteristics necessary for a GM run. The first is the correct anticipation of the opponents opening or response and the correct specific training. And the second is mental strength/toughness which has to span for at least 3 GM norms.

So I suggest that unless you have access to that type of funding and is able to convince a strong GM to dedicate serious time to your young protegy, our best bet is to increase internal competition.

And that can be accomplished if we can raise our awareness to what is happening now. If acknowledged, this basically means that we need good rules and discipline. Look again at what I have been saying. The self sabotage of Malaysian players. The sabotage of sponsors who took the first step to sponsoring a training program etc. If we can stop this and discipline the culprits, we will be much closer to the desired result.

I suggest that no serious independent sponsor will enter into the environment that we have allowed to fester. I do have some insights to this. I have been talking to them for sometime now. And this is the feedback.

Caveat: Unless the sponsor also has interest in controlling MCF there is no other returns. (But that brings in other problems, don't you think?)

Note: We do not have local expertise that can give us that type of guidance. As I have said before, just compare their knowledge/skill level to those of our neighbours or even to the knowledge now freely available on the internet.

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