Thursday, September 15, 2011

Peter Long "banned" from all Fide events.

Go here and scroll down the blog list to the very first one. "FGM banned".

Now go here. Note reference to Fide.

Do you notice something abnormal?

FGM conducted a training sanctioned by MCF and we were attacked by lies and slander by Jimmy Liew, his anonymous bloggers and the toyols reared on his shoutbox. So much so that FGM did not sponsor this year's Asean and our players went to Tarakan without any training and each parent lost out by paying thousands more.

The Secretary of Fide is invited to Malaysia by MCF to conduct an arbiter event to benefit Malaysia and both the Secretary of Fide and Fide is attacked.

So who is Jimmy and Peter? Why are they so powerful that they can spread lies, ban national players, attack our other juniors, insult other organisers, insult other trainers/coaches, call our minds messy and say that we are lowly etc etc and we just sit there and take it?

Even the Secretary of Fide and Fide itself is not spared. Who are these trouble causers who are so full of themselves that they can attack all and sundry with such impunity?

If we allow this to go on what will happen? What is happening? Lets extrapolate a little here. At the end of all this only Jimmy, his toyols and Peter will be left. So we will not have; players who can fight, trainers/coaches who can train, tournament organisers that is better than KL Open, sponsors for our national players etc etc. You get the message. For nobody else is needed. Only Jimmy, his toyols and Peter left. So they will do everything for you. No more Fide events. It's too frightening to support Malaysia.

We want strong players, we want good support. For that we need a good culture. Strong players come from strong leadership. And MCF is the leader of Malaysian chess, like it or not. Not Jimmy and Peter. They are our past failures and they cannot be allowed to infect our future.

We need disciplinary action against these two visible ones. After that anyone whom they have insulted and slandered against can pursue their own civil cases for damages to their reputation. But MCF must take the lead.

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