Sunday, September 11, 2011

Changing our mindset.

Malaysia will become a strong chess nation when we have this mindset. When we support our fighters instead of defending our quitters with excuses. When our chess warriors are able to explore new knowledge and learning without being attacked by the quitters.

When it is no longer acceptable to represent Malaysia and then play in the veterans. When it is not acceptable for anyone to try to intimidate a Malaysian contingent. When we take action on anyone who tries to use a tournament to ban National players or any player without grounds.

Then we are saying we expect our chess athletes to fight with courage and honor for the Country. Then we are saying we too will fight alongside our warriors.

The correct way is for the chess academies to bring up their own players. Not tear down others. The correct way is to fight in strong tournaments and not manufacture ratings.

When we have this mindset, our Champion will come. When we celebrate courage and not cowardice.

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